2021: The Practice of Prayer

As the advent season begins, I am already looking ahead to 2021. 2020 has been an exceptionally rough year for us all. Not only is this due to the pandemic that began afflicting the glob in late February, but also due to the more personal and immediate struggles that we have endured as individuals and as a church family. We’ve been hit by many hard losses and left to wonder how to do church in this new situation with so many of our resources diminished.

I need to confess that in the midst of all of the chaos, I have not been as diligent in prayer for all of you as I should have been. This was in part due to my own personal situation which was in considerable flux over the past year. Nonetheless, I want to rectify this negligence on my part by dedicating 2021 to the practice of prayer and I invite you to join me. I would like to suggest that as a church we devote ourselves to prayer in 2021 as never before.

To facilitate and encourage this I will be dedicating the majority of the sermons next year to texts and subjects intimately related to the topic of prayer. In preparation for this I will be immersing myself both in Scripture and in classic Christian literature by widely recognized masters of prayer (e.g. Augustine, Harry Emerson Fosdick, Francois Fenelon, Madam Guyon, Andrew Murray, and Dallas Willard).

I would like to ask that you be praying for me as I plan these lessons for 2021. I would also like to ask that you petition God to prepare us all to receive what his Spirit wants to teach us about prayer in the year to come. Nothing is more basic or vital to our Christian lives or to the health of our church than the cultivation of intimate, constant, and submissive prayer that not only addresses God as our benefactor but also listens to God as our loving Father, our wisest teacher, and our highest joy and authority.

Your brother and fellow disciple,

Kevin Youngblood