“Go and make disciples of all nations…”

One of the most important values of WestRidge is our mission to the unsaved. It begins in our own community, and spreads throughout the world. The WestRidge congregation is active in two overseas missions through our finances and our prayers. 

Fielden and Janet Allison: Africa

Fielden and Janet Allison have been missionaries in Africa since 1972. For many years they worked on Mt. Elgon in northwest Kenya. Recently they relocated to Swaziland in South Africa. This will be their home base as they work with the local Christian school and travel all over the continent of Africa to conduct marriage retreats and seminars.  Their extensive education, experience, and training have given them the ability and opportunity to teach and train local couples in God’s plan for marriage. Their goal is also to teach the material to local couples who will in turn be able to counsel those in their own cultural locations.  


Wayne Pruette: Guyana, South America

Wayne Pruette has worked in Guyana, South America, for many years. Though some of his evangelistic efforts are aimed toward the larger, urban areas of Guyana, Wayne usually works in the rural villages and travels inland deep into the jungle to bring the gospel to the native south Americans, known as “Amer-Indians”. Wayne has planted many congregations all over the country of Guyana and the neighboring country of Suriname. In addition, he oversees two preacher training programs, one in Springlands, Guyana, and the other in Apoera, Suriname. Several times each year Wayne leads ten to twenty people from the U.S. to these two countries on evangelistic campaigns.


Crowley’s Ridge College, Paragould, Arkansas

crc2 Crowley’s Ridge College is a small but growing Christian college located in the rolling hills of  Paragould, Arkansas. CRC’s academic program is designed to integrate spiritual life, service and scholarship. The mission of CRC is to “Promote Academic and Spiritual growth in every student.” Over 5,000 students are now counted among CRC’s alumni. CRC has an open admissions policy and grants Associate of Arts and Bachelors Degrees. The college has a special emphasis on teaching and training young men and women who wish to pursue careers in the ministry of the Word. Visit the college website to find more information: http://www.crc.edu/